light refracts
prisms unlock
waters withdraw
words airwave
heavens measure
death rattle
hologram earth
electric nature
sunken meadow
silk tongue
fresh heat
new fear
hinges slip
objects collide
torch minds
totem scream
fires breathe
tunnel the wind
channel the voice
spread the wings

the strangers scan the horizon 
                     and instantly become aware of the mental interrelation of all things

step inside the feedback  
a world within the distortion    a temporal cauldron

the radio has been on all day
soundtracking our movement down the panic highway
reception roaming in and out the painted night    rain blurs headlights
as streets begin to speak a spectral map 
heard over the motors scream
antennas reach a recent dream     caught only in collapse 
locked upon reversed shadows    broken up light leak     fast    release 
for now or forever pullover wherever whenever

prizes instantly disappear like promises in the mirror
the united states of anesthesia

step outside dizzy and blind    as far as you feel to see  
interference frequency

     it all comes out in the washmachine

unknowingly pedestrians launch off ramps into mainstream dreamtime
couples kissing, a woman smoking,
                                             she is talking periodicals over his shoulder
she is floating talk show segment
turn it into a film scene        made to feel like a documentary
now its newsworthy             making headlines
every minute is a new deadline

pangs from violence mixed with plucks of violins
it could be          a bedroom scene
or a touchdown dance     rare access into wardrobe
eye witness dismisses claims
eagle snatches newborn
reality game show host suicide  
emergency broadcast system failure test tone

television pimped our time      
turned on and off again
the way we recognize pattern will be the way the stories end

do not adjust      your set

hidden sources speculate
key figures frame
secret security forces salute
                              to somebody’s sacrifice for stars and stripes

overseas straitjacket poverty fund     remote control robot wars
by taxpayer’s timesheet taken home

tired after work we try           none of the old poisons will apply

revolutionary relics do not live up to their words
written along a radical curve        
                          a brainwave read-out trajectory
                                         tracing protest patterns from the past

                  unrest   unfocused  discontent 

now the room is full      piles of print-outs and no one can move 

                  the truth is in the trash

our future is clearing path    
our future is free shadow

no persona    no symbol    no idol could lead our revolt
it would be futile

we march now here and everywhere 
a faceless stare

the invertible spontaneous       eternally upon a threshold
the invisible vessel

picket fence jazz    
seven eleven elvis
hot dog cadillac    
riot cops civil rights
atomic bomb home run    
windowpane pie barbie dolls
lincoln logs against all odds    
underdog in the hands of kong
golden rebel song has gone all kinds of wrong

refused voices attempt to transmit
reverse rhetorical trash heap for treasures we couldn’t upkeep
converted to hologram shop sheep    
cluttered among the useless
the malnutrition of the nourished

the nameless            disappearing 

                 in a configuration of illusions