Galactic Whispers Part 4 - Space Lab

 The three columns in the gallery are fashioned into media stations displaying digital drawings of an alien spaceship's living quarters integrated with live action video of its crew members. This installation examines the breakdown of stories and information in our hyper mediated world. As any event or story is shared and retold errors always accumulate, as is quickly  learned by children when they innocently play the game Telephone; the number of whisperers in the chain determines the variance of the final shared story from the original story. Repetitive signals allow for evolutionary resiliency while simultaneously distancing us from the purity of each message. This inevitable and ubiquitous generation loss is an unstoppable element of the human condition and calls into question our ability to measure social progress.

Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY

Laura Bernstein, Daniel O'Neill and Jimi Pantalon

Nancy Grove

Dec 10, 2016