We're excited to bring you the video premiere for Monogold's new song, Holograms. The video follows a female and male, struggling in a search for one another through green screened effects, neon lights, shadows, and holograms; the video is trippy, but flows with the lush, trance-like music of Holograms. The video climaxes with the lovers finding one another in a cosmic void, becoming light-beings and dancing a lyrical number together, only to be torn apart forever. It is the kind of artistry one would expect from Monogold; it's passion. Bassist Michael Falotico says, The video was directed by Washmachine, who also does visuals for our live set. A lot of the shots in the video are actually projections onto different found objects and small sets that he then re-filmed and edited in post production. Definitely led to some psychedelic results. Also, we all got to wear greenscreen suits for the first time!

Director: Jimi Pantalon

Editors: Jimi Pantalon