BRAIN TRAIN SCREENING FRIDAY MAY 30th part of the CHASHAMA FILM FESTIVAL For Schedule and Line-Up go to A WashMachine Short-film about Max(Mr. Clown) a narcoleptic amnesiac squatting beneath the New York subway. When Max collages a dream journal that opens a portal to alternate worlds of consciousness, he awakes in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, meeting his kindred spirit; Jasmine(Jennifer Hammaker) together they learn journey is the destination through the realities of illusion. BRAINTRAIN experiments with various aspects of the medium to synthesize cinema and collective dream-time. Three-year collaborative project shot on video and 16mm using live action, stop-motion collage, and documentary footage to examine film as thought process. {Best Experimental and Excellence in Editing Awards, Arlene's Picture Show NYC, 2005} {Short Film Slam Winner, Pioneer Theater, NYC 2005} {Official Selection: NYC Anthology FIlm Archives, New Filmmakers Program 2005; West Chester, PA Film Festival, 2005; River's Edge Film Festival 2006; New England Film and Video Festival 2006; Queens Intl. Film Festival 2006; Santa Clarita Street Art Fair 2006; Intl. Festival of Cinema & Technology 2007}

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