Bodies Take To Light

WashMachine Collective video installation Bodies Take To Light Installation artists Dan O'Neil & Jimi Pantalon, inspired by the movement of human brain activity, use 3D projection mapping to measure and distort the space, retelling its dimensions with audio recordings of dream recollections. The expressive and pedestrian gestures of abstract painter Noah Post and modern dancer Shandoah Goldman collide through multichannel video projection, with live performance by Sherry Aliberti's Cocoon Project. Dancers inside a fabric enclosure morph into a brain shape and interact with video projection. The symbiotic movements of dance reflecting the physical, and the paint representing consciousness, question the seduction of a scientific utopia and the end of myth. Jimi Pantalon is a New York artist and director of WashMachine Productions, producing experimental film and video installations for over a decade. Featuring a performance by CocoonNYC at 6pm.