Voices of the New Resistance @ La Mama Theatre

I will be reading poems with video and live music accompaniment by the legendary Kieth Kelly from Monogold...as part of a great crew of poets against the president on president's day....8pm  

Poetry Electric: Voices of the New Resistance

Voices of the New Resistance at La Mama Theatre

February 20, 2017

Monday at 8PM


Against the President on President’s day!
The New Resistance

Hosted by  Jane LeCroy & Kaila Mullady

Money gives us its paper cuts from which we are bleeding to death. How will we save the world?  Diversity, Inclusion, Acceptance. NYC poets and beatboxers demonstrate the art of the new resistance.


| John S. Hall | Heide Hatry | Aimee Herman | David Lawton |

| Jane LeCroy | Maria Muentes | David Mills |

| Jimi Pantalon | Puma Perl | Liza Jessie Peterson |

| Peter Spagnuolo | Norman Stock | Alex Tatarsky |

| Jeff Wright | Susan Yung |

AND Beats of…Kaila Mullady & Beatbox House Collective