Its A Dirty Job, But Someone Has To Do It

NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 1ST, 2023) - UltraViolet Project Space presents CLEAN BREAK, an immersive exhibit of a new multichannel video projection installation with collages and drawings, paying homage to iconic New York City laundromats.

In this solo exhibition featuring a public video projection in the gallery storefront window, artist Jimi Pantalon, aka WashMachine, explores the intricate interplay between the tendrils of advertising control, the enigmatic pull of media’s influence, and the grounding nature of a community experience.


Laundromats are public spaces to which we bring our private belongings. Clean Break explores the laundromat as a metaphor of our interactions with social media, the blurring of public and private, and tracing the evolution of communication technology from assistance to dominance. Expanding upon WashMachine’s collage series entitled Phoneless Cords this multi-media laundromat confronts our complex connections to our modern devices.


At the dawn of the internet we asked ourselve if the world wide web is shrinking the globe or expanding it. Today we wonder if virtual reality is in fact entirely replacing the real world.


Early household appliances had clear functions and were seen to work for us, they were automatic for the people yet in our modern world it is us who work on the computers, living automatic for the machine. We give away our data to be harvested as our existence is commodified for surveillance capitalism. WashMachine asserts, We need to make a clean break from the vicious cycle of profit over people.


On View from Oct. 1st - Nov. 9th

Live performances by WashMachine w/ special guests

October 28th.

Closing reception Nov. 9th.